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Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud Hosted Phone Solutions

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current phone system or you are looking for a new phone system, talk to one of our staff and discuss the solution that fits your business.

Powerful Features

Cloud hosted phone systems are packed full of features at a great prices. Call Queues, Automated Attendant, Location Independant, Scale Easily.
It works where you do, you just need a VOIP Phone with a reliable internet connection, whether you are all in the same office, working from home or all accross the state or country.

Full Call Control with Advanced Voicemail

Take control of you calls, with call hold, transfer and conditional diversions just to name a few. The Advanced Voicemail means you never miss another call sending the message to your email or your mobile phone.

Need a wired or wireless Headset?

Not a problem we have a number of headset solutions that will allow your key staff to operate in and around your office.

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